Yoga Teachers - Your results are 100% your responsibility

Dear Yoga Teachers,

The number of people that show up (or don’t show up) in your class are 100% your responsibility. 

It’s a difficult truth to accept, yet it’s a truth.  

And this truth will set you free!

No one, not the studio, not the students, not society are responsible for your success or lack of success.

If you’re thinking the contrary, you are in a victim state of mind.  If you’re in a victim state of mind with your business, you have no business being in business.  Better get a regular job.

I hear all the time how it’s either the studios fault or the students or even potential students fault as to why our classes are not overflowing.

Studios are not doing the proper promotion of our classes or our events.

Students aren’t committed enough.

People don’t care about bettering themselves, are simply mindless consumers, have no sense of spirituality, etc...

I’ve heard it all.

Trust me, I was one of the victim complainers.

When did I stop my victim mentality?

First of all, I had been aware of the idea of accepting 100% responsibility for ALL the results in one’s life, but I wasn’t yet willing to accept it for myself.

It was when I was having miserable results in terms of my yoga business and seeing my terrible results as the fault of others, that I said to myself, “There must be something that I can do to change the situation.” 

I really dislike victim mentality, even though I dont always see it in myself.  But when I do, I have to change it.

Accepting 100% responsibility for your results is the most empowering thing that you can do for yourself and your business  You’re unhappy with your results?  Know that you created them and that you can create other results--those that you’re happy with.

What those specific changes are, are specific to you and the subject of another conversation. What’s most important is that you see it and you accept it.

Your results are your responsibility.  

It’s a good thing.


Mira Jamadi
Formatrice de professeur de vinyasa yoga.
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