Yoga Teachers: Justify Everything in Your Playlist

Dear Yoga Teachers,

This article was written for those teachers who play music in their classes.  For those who work without music, carry on doing what you’re doing.

Music is an integral part of the experience of my classes. It is not a secondary element, nor an afterthought, nor a nice addition in order to create ambiance.  

Music is as important as the asanas, as important as my sequencing, as important as my voice.  The experience that I create during the 1 hour and a half of my class is a complete experience, carefully crafted with purpose.

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Yoga Teachers: Justify Everything in your Sequence

This article is for yoga teachers who design their own sequences, meaning not for teachers of Ashtanga and Bikram, for example, that don’t deviate from their fixed sequences.

This article is for the teachers who are responsible for the evolution and coherence of every single sequence that they create.

If there is one law in intelligent sequencing, here is THE one law:

Every single asana in your sequence must be justifiable.

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